What Happened at the Law and Disorder Conference

In the months following the DGR debacle at the Law and Disorder Conference, many of the statements made have all but dissapeared in to archives and facebook oblivion. I am going to do my best to provide as many primary sources about the event as possible.

DGR’s transphobia is well documented in the following article:


From the perspective of trans people and allies:

The incidents can be summarized pretty easily. On three different occasions, trans people and allies confronted DGR about the organization’s transpbobia. They were told that transphobia did not exist and/or DGR was not transphobic. This made trans people and allies upset. A book was defaced, and the marker grazed a DGR member’s hand. A burrito was thrown. Several trans people and allies approached the DGR table and told them they needed to leave.


Here is a YouTube video of the final confrontation:

After the incident, DGR Portland released a statement:

(statement pending, it has been difficult to locate)

Dereck Jensen and Lierre Keith told them that their own account of the events was “not good enough” here, and calls trans people and their allies, along with all anarchists “the enemy;”

The organizers of Law and Disorder release a statement, (scroll down to May 2013

DGR releases their own statement against the wishes of the members of DGR Portland that were actually there. DGR Portland breaks off from the national chapter, forming a chapter called Resistance Portland.

(statement not found)

Help me fill in the blanks here!


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